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Bitcoin adoption for institutions

Institutional Custody
for bitcoin

We understand institutional custody is challenging. So, we provide secure MPC based custody solution without compromising on flexibility to suit your dynamic requirements.

Borrowing/Lending Solutions

Offer bitcoin-collaterized loans to your customers using our borrowing/lending solution.

Borrow and Lending.png

Key features of our custody solution.

Suitable Everywhere

Suitable for entire spectrum: banks, fintech, exchanges

Proactive Security 

Refresh share held by parties

Party Administration

Key-share creation and deletion to replace key holders


Includes verifiable backup, key derivation, online/offline parties

Safest and Secured

The key does not get constructed at all

Existing custody solutions are not Operationally Flexible

Difficult to Change Quorum

Quorum cannot be changed without changing wallet address

No Replacement

Doesn't support employee replacement

Complex Policies not supported

Cannot support complex policies such as (m of n + a of b)

Our mission is to make Bitcoin accessible for all. So, we are working to financialize this asset class, by making it easy for financial institutions to build and integrate with bitcoin.

Ready to Offer Bitcoin-based products

Reach out to us for any of your Bitcoin-related needs. We are here to help! 

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